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Review Us

“Dr. Cooley has always been very professional and his staff made me feel welcome and were always helpful. I would recommend them to anyone!”


“Dr. Cooley is patient, caring, and goes the extra mile to make sure that you understand the plan and procedures. His staff is amazing, friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Dr. Cooley!”


“Dr. Cooley provided me with excellent treatment and made sure that I understood each step that was to take place.”


"I had to transfer from this office because I was done with school and had to move back home. But Dr. Cooley’s office is full of some of the most attentive, warm, and loving people making it hard for me to have to leave. Dr. Cooley is incredibly great at what he does and goes the extra mile to give you exactly what you need/want. I would have had to get 4 teeth pulled which would have changed the profile of my face a little bit. Everywhere I had been said they’d need to pull teeth. However, Dr. Cooley put an expander in to broaden my smile and protect my profile (and I had no clue he could even do that). He’s careful, competent, and a great judge of character when it comes to his employees. I 100% recommend."


"The staff is amazing and they made the whole experience that much better!! I definitely recommend Dr. Cooley!"


"Best orthodontist!! Every staff member in this office is super friendly and awesome. My daughter went to them for 2 years for her braces and they turned out GREAT!"


"Dr. Cooley and his staff are amazing! They are great with kids and for us adults too! Love their work and professionalism and I can’t say enough about their staff!"


"My son was born with a cleft lip and palate. We went to Dr. Cooley when he reached his teens. Our son's teeth were a mess - he even had teeth growing out of the roof of his mouth! It is a borderline miracle to see his beautiful smile, three years later. Dr. Cooley does incredible work. There is no one better, here in the North State - and that's a fact!"

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